IT Conference Directory

Hunting through conference sites and googling away to decide what conferences make the most sense for a given employee? How about Web Design World, OSCON, RailsConf, a No Fluff Just Stuff Seminar, JavaOne, SD West? I put special emphasis on growing my employees vision of their job and a conference can be eye opening for an employee who’s never gone to more than a few vendor sponsored training.

James McGovern has a swell idea of what’s needed:

There is no single place on the Internet where one can find a listing of all technology conferences. As one who not only speaks at conferences but also attends, a directory of sorts would be wonderful. What if we had a taxonomy where one could search for security conferences related to software development and not just infrastructure or where we can figure out which conferences are magazine sponsored vs publisher sponsored vs analyst sponsored vs software vendor sponsored and so on.

That would be great. I’m almost tempted to take a stab at it.