SOA Registry for Five Web Services

I actually see people putting the cart before the horse. They want to go out and buy a registry. I’ve actually talked to a really large company. “We just bought a registry, we spent a lot of money.” I said, “Great how many services are you gonna put in that registry?” “Well we have three or four. And my point with those folks is, “You could keep up with that in an email or a wiki page. Why do you need a registry for three or four services.”

A lot of vendors will talk about governance. You have to have governance, if you don’t have governance you can’t build out an SOA. My point is if you don’t have services you can’t build out an SOA. Let alone governance to actually maintain, monitor, and manage the five services that you actually have.

Bret Sutter

I actually chuckled out loud on my way home.