Development Podcasts

Here’s my current podcast development list:

Ruby Rogues is the default Ruby weekly Ruby podcast, plus they cover some non-Ruby topics here and there. It’s going on 4+ years now and still maintains a good degree of relevance.

This is the oldest of the Thoughtbot podcasts. It covers a host of topics including some software management.

The Hanselminutes Podcast

Hanselminutes is my concession to keeping up with the .NET world and perspective. Hansel is very good about not diving deep on MS specific topics too often. And I just love his nearly dead podcast This Developer’s Life.

This has been along forever associated with IEEE. I get the sense as the topics are tending towards less enterprisey that IEEE is finally catching up with the post Agile/Lean software world.

This is a great little technical podcast with two Thoughbotters. They go deep on Rails, but swing into other technologies they’re playing with.

Charles Lowell is a really old podcaster from the Drunk and Retired podcast. His company does a lot of Ember currently, but the often wander off into all sorts of technical topics.

Turing Incomplete is a little gem I found a few months ago. It’s four developers from Philly who talk about what they’re learning each week, recent conference talks, or even cool keyboards.