Enterprise Architecture in An Agile World

In fact, your own ability to keep up with the latest trends have suffered because only you know how to keep things working. To help manage time, you have implemented universal standards and tried to funnel requests to architecture review boards or other planned meetings. Developers routinely work around the system, complaining that process holds them back, but you know that these things are there for the good of the company so you reinforce the policy to try to keep control.

Kevin Hickey

This is a good general description of several EA groups I’ve worked with in past companies. The EA is often far away from the day to day of development and looks to keep control by implementing layers of controls. Not much different then change control boards that attempt to stop change by adding a meeting/paperwork tax to any request. This is where so many EAs fail to add any value and end up becoming another impediment to producing working software. I hope this is changing as Agile has moved to the mainstream, but I fear it is not the case.