Books -> Digital -> Subscriptions

As a 10 year old I read 100 books in a single summer. I’d read on the bus, at lunch, and waiting for soccer games to start. Ended up with a healthy bookshelf. When I switched to programming in the 90s I swept the bookstores at least once a week picking up books on Perl, Javascript, CGI, HTML.

Eventually I filled up several bookshelves with my technical library. When I picked up a first generation iPad I decided it was time to go all digital. I had experimented with Safari online, but it was never a replacement for my library. I went cold turkey with buying paper books. At this point I was mostly purchasing a lot of pragprog titles and transferring them to iBooks. And beta books don’t ship in paper.

A few weeks ago I realized I had moved to a subscription model. Now I just download my books from pragprog when I need them. No need to keep a bunch of titles in my library when I can pull down the up to date versions. I can also read them on my laptop, iPad, or iPhone anytime I want with a nice retina screen.