Purchase Programming Languages

Straight from Page 3 of 3 in the Dr. Dobb’s subscription survey:

Please answer the questions below and click submit.

  1. Which programming languages do you know/use, or plan to purchase within 12 months? (select all that apply)
  • VB 6.0 or earlier
  • Visual C++
  • .Net(any)
  • C/C++(any)
  • Cobol(any)
  • SQL
  • Eclipse
  • JAVA(any)
  • Modeling/UML
  • VB.Net
  • Visual Studio
  • IBM (any)
  • Oracle(any)
  • XML
  • C#
  • J2EE
  • J2SE
  • J2ME
  • PHP
  • JSP
  • Other

I don’t think I’ve ever purchased a programming language. I suppose some you might have to purchase some Oracle product to use PL/SQL, but is that really relevant. And is Eclipse a language. How do you purchase an open source IDE? Makes you scratch your head. And Dr. Dobb’s is a fairly technical magazine.

Unit Testing in Presentations

Chris Scheuble presented all eight examples in his Java security talk with JUnit tests. A few years ago this would have been surprising since examples are so commonly shown with main() methods. Unit testing is becoming more just an accepted way of doing development. Now if more frameworks and tools could make testing easier by default.

Selenium RC needs A New Release

After about 20 minutes of frustration watching Selenium tests fail to launch Firefox 2.0 sessions I found the culprit buried in the bottom of the Selenium RC FAQ:

There’s a bug (SRC-216) that prevents Firefox or later from starting up in Selenium RC 0.9.0. Until the new version is released, please use a latest SNAPSHOT version.

The SNAPSHOT release is at 0.9.2 and the public release is at 0.9.0. 0.9.0 is about 8 months old now and the SNAPSHOT release of 0.9.2 is current as of July 7th, 2007. I think it’s time to have another public release and save some pain.

IT Conference Directory

Hunting through conference sites and googling away to decide what conferences make the most sense for a given employee? How about Web Design World, OSCON, RailsConf, a No Fluff Just Stuff Seminar, JavaOne, SD West? I put special emphasis on growing my employees vision of their job and a conference can be eye opening for an employee who’s never gone to more than a few vendor sponsored training.

James McGovern has a swell idea of what’s needed:

There is no single place on the Internet where one can find a listing of all technology conferences. As one who not only speaks at conferences but also attends, a directory of sorts would be wonderful. What if we had a taxonomy where one could search for security conferences related to software development and not just infrastructure or where we can figure out which conferences are magazine sponsored vs publisher sponsored vs analyst sponsored vs software vendor sponsored and so on.

That would be great. I’m almost tempted to take a stab at it.

Taking Calls In an Interview

“Heh, can I just take this call I’ll be right back.”

I never got a chance to answer he just took the other call. Waiting patiently for about three minutes thinking should I just end the telephone screen now or be polite. I can overhear him talking to someone saying, “No big deal I’m just doing a phone interview. Yeah we can order some pizza later.” He apparently was talking on his cell and leaving me on pause on the land line.

“OK, sorry about that, I just needed to answer the call.”